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   Lesvos is a very beautiful island of the northern Aegean sea and the third largest of the Greek islands. The landscape is varied with olivetrees, pines, oaks and chestnut p trees making up its unique forest environment. One of the most breathtaking sights of the island is the fossilized forest near Ereso dating over 20 million years back and considered the 2nd most important in the world.

   The Fossils Museum in the fishing village of Sigri is one of the most important in Europe.

   There are numerous therapeutic hot-water springs on the island. The closest and the best equipped are the ones in the bay of Geras – 10kms away and those at Thermis - 6 kms away.

   We suggest you visit Moria, a small traditional village 10kms away from the houses where there is a beautiful Roman cistern that provided water for the city of Mitilini. At only 6 kms away you will find ancient sites and a 9th century a.d. Byzantine church ‘Panagia I Tourloti’

   The island’s capital is just 20kms from Scala Mystegnon. In Mitilini you will find all you could ask of a modern city. Having said that, it is well worth exploring the cultural sites and monuments with a guide.

   In the years of the Roman Empire one of the generals who was overseeing Lesvos was the proud gourmet Lucillus and he left his mark on the culinary tradition of Lesvos. Utensils and kitchenware he used and which were found in digs in the area can be seen exhibited in the Archaeological Musuem of Mitilini. There are also other museums worthy of note in Mitilini and well worth visiting ( Museum of Theofilou, Teriad, the Byzantine Museum and more..)

   At around 20kms in the opposite direction you will find the village of Mantamados where there is an 18th century monastery with walls in perfect condition and an icon ‘fagioum’

   Generally speaking, the island of Lesvos is packed with natural beauty and historical memories. The villas you will be in make visiting these and many other places on the island both easy and extremely enjoyable.

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